Lumbosacral and Pelvic

Tips to take care of your back

Date: Apr 24, 2023
Are you a person that sits at their desk or in their car the majority of the day? Whether your job is to manually operate machinery, work behind a computer, or drive around town all day, sitting can have serious consequences on your musculoskeletal health if not managed properly. One ...
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Key Facts about Back Pain You Should Know

Date: Jun 24, 2022
Back pain is one of the most frequent reasons why patients come to our clinic. Its cause is multiple, from sudden trauma to bad posture or various health conditions. We believe that many other people are living with back pain and not seeking the help they need. For this reason, ...
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Can Upper Cervical Care Help Avoid Low Back Surgery?

Date: Jun 23, 2021
Low back pain, if severe enough, can devastate a person's life. It robs them of doing activities that most take for granted. Medically their solution is usually painkillers, muscle relaxers, or cortisone shots. If the problem is severe enough the last resort is surgery.  Upper Cervical care has helped thousands of ...
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