Shoulder Pain during the Night? Choose Chiropractic, Not Painkillers

Posted in Health Conditions on Oct 22, 2021

You are lying in bed, after a long and busy day. You are so tired and all you want to do is fall into a blissful sleep. Instead, a sharp shoulder pain makes you wince. It is not the first time you’ve experienced it. And, just like always, you reach out for the glass of water and the bottle of painkillers. For your own well-being, get out of this vicious cycle and find out what exactly causes your shoulder pain.

A chiropractor can help you understand how your lifestyle affects your health and, ultimately, cause you the pain that keeps you up at night.

The Modern Lifestyle Has a Negative Impact on Your Body

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Technology has made our lives easier in many ways. Instead of standing up before a whiteboard to draw a chart, you sit down and generate it in a few clicks on your laptop. As you go back home, you don’t have to detour to the video rental store – you stream any movie you want on your laptop or smart TV.

And when you are too tired to watch a movie on TV or play on the console, you can sit up in bed and use your smartphone instead. Unfortunately, all these devices that make your life easier, take a big toll on your body. At our chiropractic practice, we see such cases on a daily basis. Back, neck, or shoulder pain can be caused by bad posture while using modern devices and by lack of exercise.

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What Exactly Causes Your Shoulder Pain?

Let us talk about your shoulder pain – this is what you really want to know about. So, how does a bad posture cause pain in your shoulder? What is the mechanism?

First of all, you have to envision your body as a precise and complex mechanism. All the bones are connected by joints. Each limb has muscles and ligaments that give it the full range of motion. All these parts of your body are perfectly aligned to allow you to do everything, from walking to lifting your child in your arms or playing tennis.

Bad posture actually means forcing your body into an unnatural position. The bones (including the vertebrae in your spine) become misaligned, and the muscles and ligaments become tense. And this is the root cause of your acute or chronic shoulder pain.

Chiropractic Care for Relieving Shoulder Pain

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When you see a chiropractor about shoulder pain, they will tell you to stop taking painkillers. They are not a solution; on the contrary, they make the problem worse. While you don’t feel the pain anymore, your joints are still misaligned and your ligaments and tendons are still tense.

Instead, chiropractic care for shoulder pain aims to solve the underlying cause of your discomfort in a natural and non-invasive manner. This may involve:

1. Getting Your Spine and Neck Adjusted

Spine adjustment can solve many conditions and health issues that appear unrelated. However, since most of the nerves controlling your body pass through your spine, any misalignment of the vertebrae may cause the nerves to stop working properly.

The purpose of spine adjustment is to bring back the vertebrae to their natural position, relieving undue pressure and restoring the muscles and ligaments to a relaxed state. Thus, after several sessions, the patient will notice a reduced frequency in shoulder pain, until it disappears completely.

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2. Learning to Stretch

Stretching is one of the daily routines anyone should have in the morning and before starting an intense physical activity. Stretching helps the muscles and ligaments warm up and prepares them for effort.

Also, stretching at the end of a workout session helps the body cool down and reduces the post-exercise stress on the muscles. Even if you are not doing intense physical effort, stretching before bedtime can help your muscles relax, reducing the risk of shoulder pain.

3. Adopting a Healthy Posture

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The chiropractor will ask you to demonstrate how you use a laptop or smartphone, observing your posture. Thus, the practitioner will be able to diagnose your posture issue and help you adopt a healthy posture.

You will need the determination to maintain it all day long at the office for a while. However, with constant exercise and reassuring results after your chiropractic appointments, you will succeed. And soon you will realize that you can go to sleep every night without experiencing shoulder pain.

Chiropractic is the right choice if you want to get rid of shoulder pain and the source of discomfort. There are very few and rare contradictions to this type of therapy, so book your initial appointment with us now!

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