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Baby with Colic Helped with Chiropractic
Colic Characteristics Colic is a frustrating and sometimes distressing condition for babies, parents, and caregivers. It typically presents within the first few weeks of life, when an infant cries inconsolably for ...
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Posted in Pediatrics on 12/06/2022 11:13 AM
Benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy
Chiropractic care during pregnancy Benefits Can help relieve back pain Many pregnant women experience aches and pains, particularly in their lower back. This is due to the physical stress on the body ...
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Posted in Pregnancy on 11/29/2022 09:05 AM
Scoliosis in children and chiropractic help
What is scoliosis and how does it affect children?Scoliosis is a condition where the spine curves in an abnormal “S” or “C” shape. This can put pressure on the spinal ...
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Posted in Pediatrics on 11/22/2022 08:49 AM